Monday, January 29, 2007

That Of Which I'm Tired

This is Renn's entry for Part 1 of The Assignment

I am tired of being the fat one in the family. I am tired of not being able to keep up with my six year old, and wanting to take a nap after walking up the hall. I have no desire to be a super model, or super thin. I just want to be healthy, and not crave food when I am tired, upset or bored. This is an addiction, and it is getting out of hand.

I don't want to go cold turkey or diet any more. That just seems to make things worse. I have been on pretty much every diet imaginable; I have "dieted" since I was ten. So no more. I am pulling the plug on the weight issue. I will weigh in once a week. I will not feel guilty if I eat fast food, but I won't have three helpings either.

This weight didn't go on overnight. It won't come off that way, either. I am taking it one step at a time, one meal at a time. For the first time in my life, I am doing this for the right reasons. This isn't to fit into a new pair of pants, or to look better for an event. This is to feel better. I also want to be around to see my daughter graduate.

If I don't work to get this under control now, I will end up pouring my heart out to Richard Simmons in his next TV special... and nobody needs that.


tiff said...

You GO, girl. Further tofu buffets are in our future. I'll be cheering you on from the edamame section, you KNOW it.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Awesome Renn! I'm totally rooting for you, you CAN do it! And, your six-year-old will LOVE that soon you'll keep up with her...or outlast her! Nothing beats a good game of "tag" or duck-duck-goose, hearing kids laugh makes it totally worthwhile!

Biff Spiffy said...

Renn - Sweet. Love your last line, that's priceless.

I'm with you - no diets. They don't work. A change I can live with for good, now that could work.