Monday, January 29, 2007

Week Five Report

This week may be one of our plateaus, or it may just be a pause before the big plunge. At any rate, with most of our players reporting, here are the results:

Biff Spiffy, Tiff, Renn: No change from last week

Mrs. Spiffy: +2

Marisol: +3

Girl, Schischter: -1 (3% of goal) Way to go!

Joe Shmoe: -2 (5% of goal) This week's Champion! Good job!

We're smack in the middle, the part that would make lesser warriors waver in their commitment. Not so for you, because your word means action and your goal will submit willingly like a timid little puppy dog, wagging its tail at you and NOT piddling on the carpet.


tiff said...

Dude - the plateaus suck, but July is atill a long way off. We'll get on the next downhill soon enough, I'm sure.

Schischter said...

If you feel you have hit a plateau, all you want to do is change up your routine. Your body will get into a "rut" and stop burning as many calories for the same workout - change things up and your body won't have a chance to figure it out....

Keep up the good work!