Thursday, January 25, 2007

An Assignment

You didn't think you'd be able to fit into a different wardrobe without DOING something, did you? Of course not, for you are intelligent and sensible. We Shrinkers are an ambitious bunch, and to get rid of the mass of ME and then some, it will take some effort.

We all know that the mental effort is as important as the physical effort. Therefore, in order to help align your brain and body, I propose the following assignment in TWO PARTS.

Part One will focus on what we don't want. Part Two will give us a goal, a vision to aim for - details on that when Part One is done. Tiff has already touched on this, and I found it very inspiring to look at the details of why we're doing this little challenge. Be inspired, and then turn in your homework:

As Soon As Possible (right now, you ambitious and energetic Accomplisher of Things) submit to my email an essay. One to four paragraphs in length, as thoroughly as you can stand, the subject: What you don't like about your extra weight. Describe how it affects your life, your mood, your feelings and actions. I will post them as they roll in and we can share in your experience.

1 comment:

girl said...

hi dad its girl. i like your blogy thingy..... so ummmm yea i want evryone to know (whos on the shrinking piggies) that i want incourage you to do your best.. for a couple years ive been wanting to loose weight and now i can do it with people i love and get great support! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!