Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Resolve, renewal and rejoice!

Four-score and three days ago, I proposed to lose 10 pounds by May 17th. It was a noble goal, a noble purpose and a challenge.

I find myself at an impasse with my incorrigible sweet tooth. Not more than 10 hours after resolving to swear off the sweets, I found myself tempted by the goodly goodness of a homemade piece of baklava. I ate the symbolic apple and since then, I have been its slave. (It doesn't help that I made two cheesecakes last weekend for a friend's birthday. They WERE tasty!)

Now that I am less than 8 weeks away from my goal, I am renewing my resolve. To start, I reminded myself of how far I've come and what I can accomplish when I set my mind to it. I visited an online BMI calculator.
First input: Current weight, height. OK! Normal!
Second input: Old weight, same height. Wow! I was overweight!
Upon seeing the improvement in BMI between 2004 and now, I feel glad that I accomplished my goals. And I am reminded that, yes, I can lose weight. It is all within me to do so! I can really meet my weight goal, especially now that I am increasing my mileage and have renewed resolve.

I am thusly armed against the slings and arrows of delectable decadence. I can resist the call of the sweets, at least during the week. :) So, fellow Shrinking Piggies, I will need all the help I can get!

My rejoice? Well, it is spring...mostly! And I am running outside and enjoying the beautiful cool (but not too cold) Michigan weather. The grass is starting to grow, everyday I see new daffodil and crocus leaves emerging from the ground. A world is out there, and I need to explore it.


tiff said...

Well done then, and good luck!

db grin said...

Good for you!

As for jogging, best o' luck to you! I have never seen anyone smiling while running, which is why I don't do it (among other reasons). See how many miles you can keep a grin on!

the only daughter said...

I want to run but I'm pretty sure my knees (the left one especially) would give up the "we're willing to work with you" farce and revolt, once and for all. ;)

Good on you though! Run, LJS, Run!

utenzi said...

Sweets are my problem too, Lady Jane. I do love candy! And cookies, and cake, and baklava...