Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 11 Report

The news is in! Here, let me show you it.

The tote board is going backwards, with a group gain of 4 lbs. As with any group endeavor, some are doing better this week than others. Congratulations are in order for losers Renn, NCP, and Deborah - steady as she goes!

This week's picture struck me unusually. While I have no idea who made illustration or when, it follows the original gruesome tale of the Three Little Pigs: Unable to blow down the brick house, the wolf tries to get to them via the chimney. The pigs, having lost 2 houses already, know ye olde wolf is serious about eating them, so they light a fire under him, much to his doom.

I happily call myself a Shrinking Piggy, lightheartedly trotting along the wooded path - failing to take my lifelong struggle with extra weight as though it were a wolf out to destroy me for good. It doesn't want to make things inconvenient, be a foil for my comic antics, or follow me around like a hungry puppy. It wants to devour me. Things look different after they're devoured, no? I'd rather remain quite uneaten and healthy, thank you.

As we reach our halfway point, let's evaluate how we're doing. For those of us with such tendencies: No need for doom and gloom, self-flagellation, or apology - we're in this voluntarily and for our own joy.

Now, off the soapbox and on with the numbers:

Shrinklet Change this week
Total Change
% of Goal
Chickie 0
db grin 0
Deborah -2
eb 0
Ginamonster 4
NCP -1
Renn -1
Tiff 3
Utenzi 1
Group Totals 4

1 comment:

tiff said...

I totally get what you mean by the weight being the big bad wolf. It's easy to run from unless there's nowhere else to go!