Monday, March 30, 2009

84 Days

Halloo fellow Shrinkeroos!

We have achieved a loss of 79 lbs since we started, almost a pound a day. It's also what this load o' bull weighed at birth.

When I look at our stats, all I can say is what a fairy godmotherly weird set of stats. To wit:
  • Chickie, Deborah, and eb are all tied for total loss and percent of goal.
  • Ginamonster lost her entire amount of weight for the year this week.
  • LJS is solid as a rock, so steady that I wonder if she isn't a robot.
  • NCP has beaten her goal twice so far.
  • Renn is winning the percentage of goal for those of us still under 100%.
  • I'm starting to think I could maybe stay under 1/8 ton for good.
  • Tiff is catching up, and has matched NCP for total loss!
  • Poor Utenzi has gone underground (according to the chart), and hopefully will pull back up into positive territory before long.
Here be the nummers:
Shrinklet Change this week Total Change % of Goal
Chickie -4 -14 35.0%
db grin -3 -9 30.0%
Deborah 0 -14 35.0%
eb -1 -14 35.0%
Ginamonster -8 -8 40.0%
LJS 0 -1 10.0%
NCP -1 -5 125.0%
Renn 2 -11 57.9%
Tiff -4 -5 20.0%
Utenzi 3 2 -15.4%
Group Totals -16


utenzi said...

I'm hoping that the start of lawn mowing season will give me a boost in the losing weight area. It takes over 3 hours to mow the lawn with me providing the pushing so that should do something. Maybe.

tiff said...

I'm digging the upticks, y'all.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I am a rock! I am an island!

hee hee

I'm hoping that bicycling will help with the immovable mass that is those extra pounds.