Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last Week's Challenge

I will admit that I didn't see the challenge last week until Wednesday night. But that's okay because I'm a procrastinator anyway. I didn't really do three different things but tried to do well by eating better for at least three days. (As witness to my falling off of the diet wagon there was the 5 pound gain last week!) I just tried to get back in the diet routine and it worked!

I've started drinking V-8. This is really big for me because I despise tomatoes so to go to drinking their blood is a big deal. But a glass of that with some grits for breakfast (Grits with NO cheese! Look at me go!) is quite filling. And I burp it up for hours so I remember that I have eaten and don't need to snack.

Last week, I did not buy a hot lunch at work. Just had their soup. Sometimes, the hot lunches are hard to resist but the portions are huge and I hate to waste food. Though the last time I did get a hot lunch there, I had them half it and I shared with my podmate. (She has gained 10 pounds since the beginning of the year. I told her that my weigh had to go somewhere when it came off of me!)

During weeks 1 through 7, I burned myself out on eating cold cuts and cereal bars and am trying to find ways to eat better when I'm in a hurry.


Gerritt said...

fruit! granola bars! Cheese sticks!


You GO!

tiff said...

Oh shoot - that was me. Must remember to log out of one account before posting supportive comments. ;)

db grin said...

I'm horrible at eating well in a hurry. The drive through lady at Wendy's can mispronounce my name in Spanish now, we know each other so well.

Keeping it front-of-mind might be all that's needed...

the only daughter said...

My biggest challenge these days is finding enough variety in my healthful (constant monitoring sodium & cholesterol factors)selections to keep it interesting.

YaY for you!

Chickie said...

Thanks guys! I'm trying!

DB - I knew I had a problem when I drove to Burger King on autopilot when I really left the house to go to the post office.