Thursday, February 19, 2009

Burst of Motivation

Recent conversation with MoM:
Mom: Are your fingers swollen?
Me: No
Mom: You sure? They look swollen.
Me: No, I mean yes, I'm sure. My fingers are not swollen.
Mom: they sure look swollen.
Me: My fingers are not swollen.
Mom: It's hard to believe they're not swollen, they look swollen.
Me: Ok, they might be swollen.
Mom: You should probably get that checked out.
The conversation takes the trip down the doctors/meds/healthcare system road.
Thanks to mom and my non-swollen, chunky fingers I experienced a motivational burst, or boost if you will.


boneman said...

is one of the problems that y'all like bacon?
It can be used bigtime in cooking without adding inches.
(sounds like I'm narrating a cooking show, eh?)
Making bacon leaves a whole bunch of grease, he grease can be sifted a little and used to cook chicken breasts (not deep fry, just skillet cook) and when sifted even more, to make cookies.

Yeah....I'll let that last one settle for a moment. While we're waiting, y'all don't mind me wandering over with yak yak, do ya?
I have my own personal bout with inches, working on it by better diet, yoga and, (believe it or not) standing taller.
Try it!
Just stand as tall as you can (not toes) and stretch your body upward.
Do a couple of touch your toes , breathing slowly, deliberately, in through your nose on up, out through your mouth on down....

OK, well, here's the bit. Lard makes a danged fine oil for cookies because you don't need a lot, it doesn't break down like margerine, and, when you add salt? Only about half as much is needed.
Then again, just in case it's a taste thing, one should make the cookies and let others test taste them WITHOUT saying what they're made of.
Fairer test, that way.
Of course, when the cook sees everybody else bounding through the cookies, she'll probably get into the action, too.

To keep your diet, though, only make a dozen cookies at any one time.

OK, well, I best git till I hear the answer to the loaded question.

tiff said...

AH- nice. Moms do have a way of motivating own now declares that because there's a history of diabetes in my family (my grandfather. Neither of my parents) that I ought to lose weight. Or, the tactic ' wouldn't it be nice if you had the figure you did when you were in college.'

Um, yeah, it would be. But I EAT now.

Moms and daughters. Whoever figures out the dynamic could write a book. :)

No Celery Please said...

Moms... they are masters at that.

boneman said...

Well then, reckon it's time for this one to wander off, eh?

Good luck, y'all.
Don't forget to keep exercising, too.

Chickie said...

Wait? Do we have the same mother?