Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things I Like... You Might Too!

Quaker Lower Sugar Apples and Cinnamon Oatmeal - Two words... Apples. Cinnamon. You can't go wrong with THAT, people. Plus... lower sugar = 110 calories per package. 2 of those puppies in a mug full of hot water makes a yummy at-desk breakfast in the morning and will hold until around noon. Plus - hey! Oatmeal lowers cholesterol!

Campbells Select Harvest Soups. They have several varieties that are under 150 calories "per serving" (yeah, 2 "servings" in a can makes no sense, but, whatever). That makes for a nice 300 calorie lunch (add some light crackers or something iffn you are allowed a slightly higher intake than that). Mexican Style Tortilla is super-yummy. As is the Italian Wedding soup. And the teriyaki chicken noodle. There's some listed on their web site that I'd like to try but my Walmart does not seem to stock them. I prefer these to the progresso "light" soups because Progresso makes their soup "light" by putting in 3 chunks of whatever the soup is supposed to be, then filling the can with water. I prefer these because there is actually soup in the soup... even if they do have a few more calories.

Gardenburger Breakfast Sausage - OK, I don't think I ever met a gardenburger I didn't like... but these breakfast sausage patties ROCK! To me, they taste just like "real" sausage... only without all the grease and the vaguely nauseous feeling that comes from consuming oily spicy pork products. I cook them for 5 minutes on my foreman grill and have them with a big bowl of mixed veggies. At 60 calories each, 2 of these plus the veggies with spray butter can do a filling dinner for under 300 calories. (I've also had them for breakfast with fake eggs, but fake eggs are tough to take)

Speaking of spray butter... One calorie per spray, people!!! Parkay Spray is made of soy, but it taste like actual butter. OK, OK... if you're used to eating actual butter, this probably tastes more like margarine. But once you get away from butter for a while, this is some tasty, buttery stuff. Plus - added bonus. Unlike "I can't believe it's not butter" spray (which I TOTALLY can believe is not butter) - this stuff actually MELTS when you put it on stuff. Great on toast.

Finally, the fine people at the Kozy Shack corporation bring you sugar-free tapioca and rice pudding. Unlike Jello's so-called sugar free "pudding" products. These actually taste like something you want to eat. I am seeing on their web site that they have WAY more than those two flavors... but the Mart only carries the plain rice and tapioca. I'm willing to be some of those others are pretty good, though. (oh - not the apple pie ala mode, though. That's just gross)


db grin said...

Woot! These are ideas I might be able to stomach (heh). Although the pudding will be staying on the shelf, I may just break down and try the non-meat meat.

tiff said...

Just bought a big ol' tub of smart balance first step away from the gloriousness hat is real butter.

The soup thing is a great idea - throw it in the micowave at work and YUM.