Thursday, January 8, 2009

SHRINK, daggone it.

OK - when searching for article on if anger burns calories (don't ask, please), I came upon this page as an example of how to jump-start a slimming routine.

The Three-day Diet.

There is no mention of beer or bourbon in this diet. I am thinking this is not the one for me... still though, some of y'all might want to give it a shot.


I'm off to take a walk instead of pursuing even a mere 3 days of diet. I simply don't have it in me yet to delve to this depth of delectables denial.

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No Celery Please said...

I love how it keeps saying "enjoy this" or "enjoy that" as though by saying "enjoy" they can turn one egg and a piece of bread into something resembling a satisfying breakfast!

I think I'll just take more than three days and eat a bit more than they allow :)