Thursday, January 8, 2009


I was clicking along merrily last morning, minding my own email, when SUDDENLY (as Stacy Keach would say while narrating Most Disastrous Things That Happen To Other People Caught On Tape), a banner ad made me click it.

YARLY, it reached through my eyeballs, manipulated my nervous system, and dragged my flabbyish arm into clicking position.

The hook was a 'blog' which testimonialized about this awesome product and how Oprah said it would help me lose weight. The 'blogger' was suspicious, as was I, but eventually she became convinced she should try it. She lost all kinds of weight and had slick before and after pictures to prove it, and there's a Free Trial (just pay shipping and handling).

I signed up for my Free Trial. I entered my card number. I printed the receipt. In the fine bits at the bottom, it had an ominous warning about the Terms and Conditions to which I agreed.

I went back to the website and found said T&C. Apparently, I have 14 days from yesterday to call and cancel (regardless of whether my Free Trial makes it here in order to be tested for my satisfaction), or else they get to automatically charge me EIGHTY FARGING SEVEN DOLLARS for another 30 tablets.

Oh hell no. I can buy 3 pairs of sneakers for that kinda money, and maybe have enough left over for a jump rope and a bag of carrots.

I'll let you know if my Free Trial was worth the $3.95 for handling.


Welcome aboard a new Shrinker, name o' eb, by way of Middle Girl! Our numbers are increasing, which in this case is OK.


tiff said...

Perhaps TWO bags of carrots, for that kind of dough.

Mmmm, dough.

Anonymous said...

I got suckered into something similar once.

One piece of advice... call EARLY to cancel. These people do not take kindly to the cancelling, they do not.