Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stressy McCortisol, reporting for duty.

So, my workload is a total and unconditional PITA all-consuming nightmare right now, and all I want to do is go home, crawl into bed, and swig a half-gallon of pixelated eggnog to drown the stress. Mmm, eggnog.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, unless one of you happens to be filthy rich and spends their days lounging around your indoor pool while nubile servants of your choice bring you warm tea and fluffy towels as you bake gloriously in the warmth of your well-earned well being. Even so, being stinking rich must have its own stressors. I'm sure if you are well-heeled beyond all reason you still have experienced the conundra of "which servant shall I bed this afternoon?" or "what color body butter goes with 'smug'?" or "whatever shall I do with last season's Louboutons, given them to Goodwill or sell them on E-bay?" I share your pain, friend, and want you to know that I stand with you when you resist the urge to take a nip from the Krystal bottle and a bite of pate to ease the swirl of important issues that muddle your mind.

Won't you return the favor, and stand with me as I juggle my white-hot flaming balls of anxiety over here in the corner for your entertainment?

Thanks. I knew you would.

All of which is a way of saying that it's a darned good thing I only have three bucks for lunch. It's baked potato bar day at the cafeteria ($3.59 per 'tater), and man, doesn't a 3-pound baker with chili and sour cream and cheese sound like just the thing for drowning out the din of nearing doom?


the only daughter said...

ooooo WoW, PotatO!

No Celery Please said...


OK, OK, fine, but put some brocolli on it or something.

db grin said...

Nearing doom is nearly never silent, is it?

Nervous eating is something at which I'm very good.

tiff said...

Dudes - Be proud of me - I opted for a cup of spicy chicken tortilla soup...

And then had three bite-sized Mr. Goodbars two hours later.

rennratt said...

Some days are just tougher than others.

I have to prep my lunch ahead of time and take it with me. I also have to keep 12 packs of diet soda in my desk, along with mini popcorn bags (100 calorie). If I don't, the gremlins get me and carry me to the junk food aisle at Lowe's, Target, or the closest convenience store. Before I know it, I am knee deep in Reese's wrappers.

I'm proud of you!

Ginamonster said...

Oh. potato. that looks SO good.

What's a Loubouton?

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Being well-heeled on a graduate student salary means I would be able to buy the name-brand spaghetti sauce.
Good job on resisting the spud.