Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pigs On The March

All our results are in for our first full week o' challenge!

In future I'll post fancy schmancy charts, but with only one round of results in so far, it's a boring chart. Not for long.

In order of magnitude, here are the numbers:
  1. Chickie: -5
  2. Utenzi: -5
  3. db grin: -4
  4. Renn: -3
  5. Tiff: -2
  6. No Celery Please: -2
  7. Deborah: -2
  8. eb: 0 (she joined during start week, so this isn't a result but a start)
  9. LJS: +2 (the UN has given her permission to go backwards, like they do)
Woot and yay! This is awesome! 21 pounds are gone - 2 bowling balls gone from our collective pants.


tiff said...

OhEmmGee! That's wonderful!

I wont fool myself into thinking that my personal minus 2 is anything but luck and possibly the power of stern thinking on the matter, but daggone it if y'all line leaders aren't shaming me into thinking about getting more exercise.

Darn you two.

tiff said...

Two typos too - not a personal best, but it's early.


Anonymous said...

Woot! Go Shrinkers!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Congrats everyone!