Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something to look forward to...

I am a member of the National Weight Control Registry.

It's a scientific study that tracks people who have lost significant weight and kept it off for at least one year.

I joined back in 2003, after I lost 110 pounds and had kept it off for a year.

They track what you eat and how you exercise and how your weight fluctuates over time by sending out an annual questionnaire.

They use the data to help researchers determine the best methods for losing and maintaining weight loss.

I use it because I know that once a year they are going to ask me how much I weigh and what I've been eating and that kinda keeps me on the straight and narrow because I don't want to report that I gained all the weight back. (not that there haven't been years when I had to report a 10 pound gain, because there were). Also, the idea of being able to join the registry helped motivate me to stay on the original diet.

I'll be very pleased to report an additional loss this year and attribute it to the roller derby - hey! Maybe someone will do a study on the health benefits of derbying!

So once all you shrinkertons are done shrinking... plus one year... go out and register yourself - you'll be helping science!


tiff said...

What, exactly, qualifies as significant??

Congrats again on our loss (that sounded weird). Must be a whole enw world for ya!

Anonymous said...

you gotta lose and keep off 30 pounds to qualify. That loss can happen quickly, or over a long time.