Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My plan for banishing that wretched back fat

Oh hi! The Taskmaster (that's you, db) has noted that I might perhaps be the only Piggie who has not posted their shrinking plan, and so, in a fit of pique (does that burn calories?) I have pulled together this multimedia presentation for y'all for enjoy like a boiled egg on dry toast.

My Plan, by Tiff.

Less of this (I'll miss you!)

More of this (oh dear Lord)

And this (zoom!)

so I stop looking like this (a modest exaggeration, I must note)

and end up more like this (also - exaggeration, but a girl can dream of what life MIGHT be like with about 50 pounds lost).

Specifically - no drinkies 4 days a week, exercise EVERY day for 30 minutes, and that's it. I'm not going to sacrifice eating, because in truth I don't do too badly there. The cuple too-tree cocktails a day? Gotta go. The sitting on my butt all day and think thing that washing dishes is a workout? Also gotta go. But best of all, that double chin doesn't know it yet, but it's HISTORY. Just ask Jack, he knows how:

Everybody, fingertips on eyebrows, and 1 and 2 and 3!


eb said...

I hear ya on the two or three drinkies. My drink vice of choice is red wine. The minute I give that up and then hit the gym, the pounds start melting off.

I'm going to try to give it up for a month and then work back into a moderate program for reformed winos.

No Celery Please said...

I love the pictoral essay format! Good motivation to be able to SEE the goal!

the only daughter said...

Here's to dancing ladies.

tiff said...

eb - I struggle with it, because I LOVE me soume bourbon. You're brave to give it up for a month - 4 days a week was all I was willing to go for. You GO and melt, and I'll do the same. Race ya!

utenzi said...

I dunno, Tiff. Three of those dancers look kinda nice to me...