Saturday, December 13, 2008

Feedback Needed

As we roll toward our start date of Monday, January 5, we'd like to get your input on the best way to run this circus. We're going for something that would be effective, and work for everyone.

Here's an article that Tiff found on incentive. The results are impressive - go read it, we'll wait.

Welcome back! OK, so there are a few ideas that have worked for other folks I know, and they go something like this (dollar amounts are just for example):
1. Everyone kicks in $10 at the beginning. Those who make their goal share the winnings. If nobody wins, it goes to charity.
2. Everyone kicks in $5 each week to keep it active. Winners get the (much bigger) proceeds.
3. Everyone kicks in some $10 at the beginning. If you make your weekly goal, you owe nothing for that week - but if you don't make it, you contribute $3 per pound. Winners get the proceeds.

Finally, here's a spiffy little doodad that will gather opinions. Please only vote if you're participating, because as unscientific the poll is, spam would make it even more unscientifical. You don't want to be a spammer* now, do you?

*Spam is made mostly of piggies, so we'd be offended, you can bet your curly little tail

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