Monday, January 5, 2009


OK shrinkertons! It's Monday the Fiff of January, and time to get this party started.

The busyness and travel and craziness of holidays, family get-togethers, and weddings (for some of us) are behind, as well as the days of munching on anything I can reach.

Here's the deal: Send me your weight loss goal and target date, and I'll add you as an author to this 'ere blog. That way you can share your pain, your plan, and your progress as we chug toward our goals. Tiff and I are planning on keeping this challenge going for 6 months.

Participation is defined thusly:
  1. Weigh on the same day once a week, and send that number via email.
  2. Write out your plan to reach your goal - include eating and exercise changes
  3. Post about your experience whenever you feel like it, no limit

The idea of incentives got no traction, so fuggeddaboudit.

Here is the address to which to address your emails: spiffytown (at) g mail dot com.

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utenzi said...

What the Hell. I'm going to try to lose 13 pounds, a half pound a week for a total time involvement of 6 months. And if I can lose more than a pound every other week, then I'll just finish earlier---but still maintain that weight for the 6 months. My goal is to weigh 200 pounds by the end of June '09.