Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Skinny

….on being skinny.

I’ve decided that the term skinny is relative. I’ve decided that I am relatively skinny.

So there!

That said,

I won’t reach my weight loss goal by July 1st. I am actually and relatively sure of this fact. I’m not far but I am too far to achieve it in the time remaining. I’m not devastated by the short-fall. The goal was optimistic to say the least. The high bar served up personal motivational brio. It moved me to move even more for far longer than I would have otherwise. Being part of this group, spurring me to join other groups provided extra cheese impetus.

I’ve learned some things along this journey. I’ve learned that I can’t lose without moving. I’ve learned that I can’t lose unless a move much. I’ve learned that the rah-rahs, atta girls, and positive reinforcements are important to and for me. I’ve learned that I can. I’ve grown to learn that I will.

Thus, the regime will continue long after July 1st, for not only do I intend to reach my goal, I intend to go further and then to maintain my newer relatively skinny status.

So there.


db grin said...
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db grin said...

Whoa, that is so true and well said. I've experienced the same things, and also the likely missing of my target date. I will be keeping on trucking too.

I don't get many atta-girls... maybe that would help?

the only daughter said...

Perhaps. Atta-girl!!! hehehehe