Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drive By Update

Easter defeated me in a big way too... Not to mention 10 hours in a car munching on crunchy foods, a weekend of great country cooking by some country friends, and a lack of exercise. Nevermind we were visiting with friends and the weather was crappy, I suppose really dedicated people would find a way - which I am not, evidenced by my Biggest Gainer status.

This week we gained 3 lbs as a group, thanks mostly to me.

Time to get back on the proverbial treadmill, I promise a full update next week.
Shrinklet Change this week Total Change % of Goal
Chickie -1 -11 27.5%
db grin 5 -6 20.0%
Deborah -1 -17 42.5%
eb -2 -14 35.0%
Ginamonster 0 -8 40.0%
LJS 0 0 0.0%
NCP 0 -4 100.0%
Renn 2 -13 68.4%
Tiff -1 -7 28.0%
Utenzi 1 3 -23.1%
Group Totals 3


tiff said...

I am proud of all of us, for sticking with thing blasted thing. Congratulations to the biggest losers and to all who continue to report in, whatever the news might be.

Chickie said...

Seriously, this whole Shrinking Piggies thing has really motivated me.

So, go us! No matter how the past week was! We've got a new Monday weigh in next week!