Tuesday, April 21, 2009

15 Weeks

We're all eating our roughage and getting back to regular.

Every piggy has been counted on schedule and I can tell you we're down 7 as a group this week! In total, that's 84 lbs. We've lost Stephen Hawking's wheelchair! Boy, he'll be mad.

Anyway, 6 of us are losers, 2 gainers, and 2 holding steady. Congrats go to me for gaining only 1 pound over the last 2 weeks and really messing up the chart... No change in the winners of overall loss (Deborah!) and percentage of goal (Renn!).

What say we hit the afterburners and see if more of us can reach 50% of our goal before May?

Here comes the science:

Shrinklet Change this week Total Change % of Goal
Chickie 1 -10 25.0%
db grin -4 -10 33.3%
Deborah -1 -18 45.0%
eb -1 -15 37.5%
Ginamonster -1 -9 45.0%
LJS 1 1 -10.0%
NCP 0 -4 100.0%
Renn -1 -14 73.7%
Tiff -1 -8 32.0%
Utenzi 0 3 -23.1%
Group Totals -7


tiff said...

The big losers are inspiring me!

Also, 'eating our roughage and getting back to regular'? Bwuahaha! Does cheese count as roughage?

Anonymous said...

If I can not gain for 2 more weeks, I shall retire from the shrink. Must... maintain... stability....

rennratt said...

I love seeing the percentages! It's inspiring to see how well we have all done!

Ginamonster said...

Maybe if I stop baking and eating cookies...