Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to March of the Piggies

This is the Week 8 Roundup. Can you believe we've been shrinking together for 2 months already?

I'd say a trend is emerging, and while the chart would look good for the economy (if the negative numbers pointed down, like they would for dollars), it's not so good for shrinkers! We're almost 1/3 of the way to the end, which is when we might expect the going to be sluggish.

As a group we've gained 10 lbs since last week. I certainly took my fat pills (and spent a week on the couch instead of the court). The good news is each of us is still down from our starting points.

Deborah is this week's leader in the right direction at -4! Chickie and I tied the going-backward race at +5 each. eb is the winner at overall loss so far.

I'd like to offer a challenge for this week (for those of us who are not yet at 100% of goal): Do something more toward your SP goal at least three times this week, and post about it.

Your numbers are humbly presented below:

Shrinklet Change this week
Total Change
% of Goal
Chickie 5
db grin 5
Deborah -4
eb -1
Ginamonster 1
Renn 1
Tiff 2
Utenzi 1
Group Totals 10


tiff said...

OK - it's on. I like that challenge. Being as how I'm the 'not loss' leader of the group, it's apparent that I need something extra to kick my fat bum in the right direction.

No Celery Please said...

Everybody get out and walk for an hour next Saturday!!!

(and if it's cold where you are, well, that's what Malls are for!)

utenzi said...

I've gained two weeks in a row---it's certainly time to reverse that trend. And next week I'll be in SC enjoying my Mom's cooking. Uh-oh.

Chickie said...

I think I've done better this week. I wish I could do something that just made all food taste blah. That would make the whole diet easier.