Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week 10

The polls are closed and we roll ahead with the focus of a band of marauding muppets. Do I hear banjo music? It's probably just me.

Our lovely artwork for today was unwittingly provided by Fifi LePew, a fine Photoshop artist and Farker.

Anywhy, here's the highlight reel:

We piggies have maintained a steady pace, without any big swings in either direction. Except for Ginamonster, who gained 18 pounds for all we know. Gainers outperformed losers by one pound for the week (not counting the aforementioned AWOL piggy). In fact, eb and Deborah were the only losers, which nearly balanced our group scale. eb is ahead in the overall results (yay!).

Without further blathering, here are the numbers:
Shrinklet Change this week Total Change % of Goal
Chickie 1 -10 25.0%
db grin 1 -6 20.0%
Deborah -1 -12 30.0%
eb -1 -13 32.5%
Ginamonster 0 -6 30.0%
LJS 0 -1 10.0%
NCP 0 -3 75.0%
Renn 0 -12 63.2%
Tiff 0 -4 16.0%
Utenzi 1 -2 15.4%
Group Totals 1


utenzi said...

Ouch. I'm sucking hind tit here. Almost everyone has lost more weight than me. I'm going to have to stop eating all those damn cheese quesadillas!

tiff said...

Oh Utenzi, please don't change. If not for you, I'd be in last place.

Ginamonster said...

HAHAHAHA! It wasn't 18, it was only two. I'll be checking in on time next week.