Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I didn't do three things

But one thing that happened - I got lucky. Or something. Because I was not a good piggie last week. In fact, I was really bad and I must have done just enough good stuff to stave off the really bad. Probably in the end, the really bad wasn't quite so bad. Nevertheless, the badness can't continue.

One thing I didn't do was go to the gym. That's because I had some yard work I did. Yard work is good exercise so I didn't feel too bad. But I really need to go the gym on a regular basis, everyday, if I'm going to make any substantial progress.

One thing that I know I am battling right now, and it happens every time I try to lose weight, I am facing the 'Stop it' battle.

Here is my theory- when you first start losing weight and you lose that first 10-12 pounds, your body rebels. It's been used to carrying the weight. It doesn't want to lose the weight. Like the ring in the Lord of the Rings - it wants to be found. It wants you to find ways to put it back on.

This is why so many people give up and gain back after the first initial loss. That is when you really need to redouble your efforts. That is my goal this week.

My three things I am choosing to do is not eat past 7pm, no refined sugar and using the stairs at work. I'd really like to knock off 2 lbs. a week the rest of the way.


Anonymous said...

I didn't do my three things either.

Well, I guess I did opposite three things. I had three dinners "out" this weekend instead of the dietly sanctioned two. And none of them was a salad.

'splains the +1 in my column.

tiff said...

No eating past 7 p.m. at our house would mean no dinner at all...

I half-did my three things, which surprisingly seems to have worked. Good for you for refining your plan.

db grin said...

Yard work counts!

I'm not a fan of guilt-based goals - I tend to rebel against anything that tends to make me feel guilty.

I like the LOTR analogy - it's true! My weight lurks in the shadows, waiting to pounce.

the only daughter said...

I try to eat earlier in the evening too, but that would mean dinner would have to be ready when I when I walk in the door. More often that not, it isn't.

Though, if I were really on my game, a week's worth of meals would be prepared (or at the very least, planned) over the weekend.

But, I ain't and they aren't.