Saturday, January 17, 2009

Or Else

It's my turn to post a plan.

As for intake, it's all about quantity. In general, I eat pretty healthy stuff. Not much fast food, not many sweets, lots of fresh meat & veggies. I've been lunching at home instead of on the road, which is way better for me in quantity and quality. I'll be taking smaller portions and not going for seconds and thirds. Instead of having an entire sack of CFG (Crunchy Food Group, such as Tostitos) at the teevee, I'll bring a small bowl.

Exercise shall be brisk long walks at least 3x per week, and tennis when the weather cooperates. I plan to get back on my bike when the temps climb from the pit of despair.

Knowing myself, and my tendency to be a bit procrastanative, perhaps even a tad undisciplined, I've decided that there shall be consequences for my level of success. The article on incentives that was posted many weeks ago (and is no longer available - dangitt!) made sense to me. Internal motivation is ideal, but I need something more to do difficult things.

The reward side of meeting my goal will be fitting into smaller pants, not huffing and puffing when bending over or crawling on my knees (installing tile, baseboards, etc. means lots of knee time), and a flattter belly. The punishment side: If I don't make it halfway to my goal by halfway through the challenge (15 lbs by April 6), I'm going to shave my head. I don't want to be bald; I won't look nearly as good as the likes of Bruce Willis, Jason Stratham, Michael Jordan, or my friend Farrago. But negative reinforcement works, so that's my plan.


tiff said...

Now that? Is inspired.

I'd say I'd shave my head in solidarity, but there's just no way.

Chickie said...

I'd say I'd shave mine halfway, but a small part of me has always kind of wanted to do that anyway.

No Celery Please said...

Woot! Here's to NOT shaving the head!!

rennratt said...

I'd shave my head, but I like being married.

Here's to whatever works!

(You forgot Michael C. from The Commish. He looks weird WITH hair.)

Ginamonster said...

Shaving my head would cause untold misery. Not to mention I would clog the razor.

kenju said...

I'm all for motivators, but that? Is weird. I sure hope you lose the weight!!