Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Plan

I previously stated my goals over at rennratt. However, I did not go into great detail with regard to my plan for exercise and overall health.

So, to recap:

I will be following the Weight Watchers Flex Plan. My goal is to lose (and keep off) a total of 19 pounds by July. At that time, I will reassess my health with the help of a doctor. If it is shown that additional weight needs to be taken off, I will readjust my goals accordingly.

Winter is the hardest time for me to exercise, as the cold can greatly impact my arthritis. As a result, I am aiming, each day, to walk a little more around the office. I also aim to begin using my exer-ball again. As the winter ends, I anticipate more time outside - and more walking.

I also plan to play the Wii again, rather than simply watching my husband and daughter while they play. I figure small changes here and there can turn into something great down the line.


db grin said...

Schweet! My exerball doubles as a desk chair, since the 'good' chair is in the kitchen.

Do you have Wii Fit? I've heard that's fun and effective.

tiff said...

I told myself at the beginning of this challenge that I would get up out of my chair at work once and hour and take a lap around my building.

Haven't made it a full day yet, but you've re-started that particular engine. I figure my building is a good 1/4 mile per lap, so I'd be getting about 2 miles in by the end of the day is I stuck with my plan. Thanks for reminding me!

rennratt said...

If I walk OUTSIDE my office, two laps - almost a mile.

Since the weather is so ick, I plan to take 8-9 laps around the warehouse. I'm estimating it as the same.