Friday, January 23, 2009

Brutal honesty of children

My lovely, knitter wife, Maxine and I are babysitting our nephews this weekend while my sister and her husband play in Las Vegas. One of our instructions was to allow the oldest, Bobby, to eat whatever he wants. Currently he is taking medication and he's losing too much weight. Oh to have Bobby's problem right now.

We had to pick the boys up at their afterschool daycare tonight. When we got there Bobby (age 7) admonished us for being sooooo late. 'What took you so long? I thought I would have to be here for two whole dayssss!"

Then, as we were making our way through the daycare maze of rooms to get his younger brother, Bobby informed us that he could eat anything he wanted. "Yeah," he said, "I need to gain and get fat like you two!" All this with the complete innocence that is a seven year old child.

But still. I said to myself, "Great, just great. Thanks for annoucing that to the world, Bobs."


the only daughter said...

Oh, how grand would it be to have a 7 year old around, all. the. time. ???

db grin said...

As a child, I was known to poke people in the belly looking for stuffing (my dad, mostly).

I blame a mall santa who had a pillow under his suit.

tiff said...


No Celery Please said...

Kids... Yikes.