Monday, January 15, 2007

Week 3

Okay, this contest is off to a rocketing start. We have 6 contestants (joiners welcome) who have finally weighed in and committed with their goals.

We're going for a collective ditching of 175 pounds - the mass of an entire adult male will disappear by hot dog season. I hope the feds don't get suspicious. Anyway, that's a 16% reduction among the six of us - yay!

I know my changing habits have made a difference. I'm getting up earlier, spending about 30 minutes with the exerball (DB) doing pushups, crunches, stretches, and leg things. About thrice a week I'm wogging or walking at least one mile. And, I'm eating less - not drastically so, but just stopping at 'firsts' and taking smaller portions. It's been surprisingly easy to get used to. We stopped by Wendy's over the weekend, and I ordered my beloved Single With Cheese, Medium Size Combo. I was uncomfortably full before I ate half my fries - that has never happened before. I'm getting excited.

Here are this week's starting stats:
Biff Spiffy: -13 (37% of goal)
Tiff: -2 (6% of goal)
Not Missy: New contestant
Marisol: New contestant
Mrs. Spiffy: New contestant
Girl: New contestant


Biff's littlest sister said...

Hey, how do I join? I don't actually have a scale at home, though. And the ones at work, well they are only big enough for cats (max 30 lbs.)
I would like to try for 35 lbs of loss.

And ladies, don't get discouraged if Biff wins. It is a well known fact that men lose weight faster +/- "easier" than women. Keep up the good work!


tiff said...

DMC - I officially love you for saying that it's easier for men to lose weight.

As to being added - not sure if Biff has done that yet....

Anonymous said...

Yep- I am officially on my way to losing half of my husband! His commitment to getting up at 5am and wogging is wearing on my concience to get going. can't let him beat me in this contest ya know!!!
Mrs. Spiffy

rennratt said...

May I please join?

Chachi has lost 26 lbs, and I am feeling a little...chunky.

(Chachi, on the other hand, is looking pretty HOTT!)