Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Straight From The Inbox

LadyJane Scarlett sent me this cool site this morning. You can login and then start tracking your workouts. Cardio stuff, weight training stuff, it's all good.


I'm going there to sign up. Look for Tiff in the public record fairly soon. Biff and all y'all others?


Originally posted by Tiff
Edited for naughty language and reposted


tiff said...

well, if you consdier "get your fat assess over there and sign the hell up!" to be naughty language, then guilty as charged.

thanks for looking out for the sensitive ones among us.

rennratt said...

I signed up.

Where are the rest of you?

lady jane scarlett said...

i tried to find "rennratt", but you aren't there. I'm adding y'all to "my team" so I can cheer you on more easily! :D

tiff said...

I'm there now, under Tiff. I tried to make it public; don't know if it worked.

lady jane scarlett said...

it did tiff!

Sparky Duck said...

ok, once I am 100% I will probably join in this adventure, since the Doctor's office helped me to realize I am a whole lot heavier then I thought

rennratt said...

I should be in there now, too.

I'm Renn.

Now, to figure out how to use the thing!

Brian said...

I'm signed up.