Monday, January 22, 2007

Week Four Report

Well, with half of our precincts reporting (c'mon, you slackers - you know who you are), here are the new standings since last week:

Biff Spiffy: -1, total -14 (40% of goal)
Tiff: -2, total -4 (11% of goal)
Renn: -4 (17% of goal) New this week! Congratulations!
Joe Shmoe: No change - New this week!
Mrs. Spiffy: No change

Will post Slacker Piggies when the results come in.
Schischter: -2 (6% of goal) New this week! Way to go!
Not Missy: -2 (6% of goal) New this week! Grin!

Well done - looking forward to our progress!


tiff said...

soooo, we got results or ain't we? Hmmmm?

Cravey said...

Way to go team!
(I refuse to call you people Piggies)

Um, Biff, that picture is disturbing. Really.

Schischter - aka DMC said...

Sorry Biff. I will send the info now.

Congrats to those of you who are not slackers and have reported!

Biff's little SCHISCHTER. (aka DMC)

tiff said...

Way to go, y'all!

When reported as percent to goal, the results are much more heartening.