Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's the beginning...

While I didn't make it to my goal I found the simple process of chiming in every Monday with my 'progress' incredibly helpful. Being held accountable is a powerful thing.

I found in the first five months I wasn't being particularly good at consistency. That's really the key to losing weight, you have to be consistent. By the end of May I was just fed up with not making much progress so I decided if I was going to be consistent with anything it would have to be exercise. Thus began my fevered determination to go to the gym every day or do some similar exercise-ish activity if I couldn't go to the gym. I marked my first day on the calendar - May 21.

Since May 21 I have been going to the gym pretty much every day. I decided not to bother too much with food right now. I would eat and drink in moderation but if I wanted cake, I had me a piece of cake. I haven't lost any weight but, lo and behold, I have lost a size. I have lost inches. And I am getting stronger. It's amazing what being consistent can do. I leave The Piggies with a new goal - constant movement.

I have enjoyed this little communal shrinkage immensely and I wish y'all health and happiness in your battle of the bulge.


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the only daughter said...

Yeah, key for me too. Move. Move. Move.