Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The End

I can't believe that it's been six months since this started. Or that I'm only down 6 pounds. I've learned that I've got to be consistent. When we started off, I was very careful about packing food to take to work and watching what I ate. About April, all hell broke loose at work and I basically threw in the towel and started eating through my shift.

One good thing? I have pretty much quit eating junk food and my blood pressure is almost normal (without medication) despite my weight right now. I've become addicted to brown rice with baked brussel sprouts on top and then sprinkled with a little Parmesan cheese. A bit better for me than going to McDonald's and having cheeseburgers when wanting comfort food.

I did get back on the diet wagon on Monday and I'm going to be less strict about it and give myself more variety. My problem is I'll get in a rut of eating like a bird and then go crazy after awhile and eat too much of everything. My plan now is to just keep my eating in check with no snacking and see where I end up in a few months!


utenzi said...

You did better than I did. I was the only one to gain weight during the diet period. Good luck with keeping the diet going, Chickie.

db grin said...

Way to go Chickie! I'm totally with you on the discipline/variety/moderation thing. If I feel deprived, then the only thing I think about is the thing I can't have, until I just say screwwit and do what I want.

That doesn't help consistency much.