Sunday, May 3, 2009

Calories Slaughtered

One thing I lurve so much about Buckeye Outdoors is that you can generate reports. To check progress, to see average speed etc. This feature is oh so very appealing for a Virgo such as myself, although I am disappointed that there are only two numbers after the decimal place. {sigh} I guess I will *make due* with their imprecise records...for now.

In April, I killed/slaughter/burned-at-the-stake over 12,000 calories. (If there ever were a calorie hell, maybe I'd be in the 8th circle along with leg warmers and those "abs of steel" videos).

Dude, that's like 5-6 days worth of eating...just...undone. Hopefully those were the cake days.

Yet I haven't lost a single pound. But, I'm getting *there*. I feel good about my body with strong legs and my abs of not-even-close-to-steel. And my pants feel...bigger. Not by alot, but enough...
...and this makes me smile, despite the fact I haven't reached my weight goal.

May promises to be another massive month of metabolic murder. I think I'm going to exceed, for the first time ever, 90 running miles. Heck...if I'm really consistent, I'll hit 100. Then those little boogers won't stand a chance. Muahahahaha!

I hope that spring finds everyone refreshed, renewed and raring to go!

:) LJS


db grin said...

Woot for calorie death!

I tried the Buckeye thing for a little while, but since my routine is so inconsistent I lost interest. Plus which, I'm a Wolverine and even typing Buckeye makes my fingers curl.

tiff said...

12,000 calories? Sheepers! That's friggin' impressive!

the only daughter said...

I'm with tiff! Sheepers!!