Friday, February 6, 2009


I really liked EB's post. The scale is both my best friend and worse enemy, but I still hop on every morning. This week is all about the "it swells" part. I am having a bad week. And I was VERY good in California-lots of fish and fresh veggies, only one trip to Bijan bakery.

And this is how my water-retaining, sweet-toothing, corpuscular vesicle treats me?

I will beat this beast back into submission. Fiber will be involved. And more miles on the treadmill of boredom. Each day is closer to running outside without worrying about hypothermia. I want to be prepared to explore the parks on my feet and just watch the world go by along with my thoughts.

Thanks everyone for such inspiring reading while I was in California. I'm happy to be home, freezing my buns off. Because hanging out in that -15F weather really does improve metabolism. Right?
:) LJS


db grin said...

I love Michigan, but I don't miss it one little bit.

It's been cold here in Raleigh, didn't make it out of the 50's today.

(we had some real cold last week, but no snow to go with it)

Welcome back!

boneman said...

I just had to stop by and say, I love that Chickie's avatar!
Danged thing jumps out and sticks its tongue out at viewers and it's so danged funny!

boneman said...

'course, right now I have the extra time on my hands....
snows melted away,
pipes won't freeze in fourty degree weather,
dogs are fed,
cat just threw up in my shoe.....
So much for time on my hands!

tiff said...

I think there are more than few of us redefining our goals and figuring out new ways of getting to them.

Me included....because I haven't yet begun to lose, and that can't continue. Good luck to you!