Monday, January 12, 2009

Aweigh I Go

A.M. & P.M. workout 1/10/09
The plan is to plan meals and exercise. Then to execute said plan and finally, to stick with said plan until the goal is achieved and beyond.
Specifics of the plan, to put it bluntly, are to eat less and move more. I’m not the tracking and recording calories kind of woman, so I’ll accomplish my eat less feat by utilizing diet conscious recipes, adding even more fresh fruits and veggies, diminishing the use of heavy creams and sauces, controlling over-all portions, limiting desserts, and fast foods. Ta-Ta WingZings.
My personal nemesis is indiscriminate snacking. I nosh. The plan is to get a handle on that and / or at least plan to have more prudent noshing choices lying about.
Movement of the body might prove a little trickier as my knees like to pretend they are not of this mind. They have a mind of their own and can be stubborn. I have come to notice though, that they appear more agreeable when I weigh less. So, until I'm back to their desired level, we'll be negotiating, carefully.
The immediate plan for more movement is to add steps to regular day. I’ll do this my taking an alternate route to work 2—3 days a week, adding a mile to my walking on those days. I’ll walk during my lunch hours (when weather permits) and take the stairs whenever possible. Since I don’t drive many of my errands involving walking and the plan is to keep to that program and extend it wherever possible.
Once the weather clears I’ll get back to riding my bicycle.
Once the knees are back in my camp 100%, I'll jump rope.
Otherwise, I’ll dance around my living room, probably not in my underwear, not thinking I’m Madonna.
Oh, and water. I’ll drink more water and less vodka.


db grin said...

Yey for Plans!

I'm with you on the more water/ less vodak (or bourbon, in my case).

eb said...

Yes, I must do the more water and less red wine. I loves me some red wine but...more water, yes.