Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Celebration

No, not me. I am so not in need of a birthday. We went out last night to celebrate my stepson's 24th birthday. He is in school to become a chef and revealed to us last night that this might not be a good idea because there are a lot of foods he doesn't like. I guess that would make it problematic. Why he didn't figure it out earlier is anyone's guess.

Nevertheless, I indulged. What else could I do? Be good and have a freakin' salad? Well, I did have a salad but - I supplemented. Ok, ready?

  1. We started out with an appetizer of batter fried shrimp and cheesy grits with bacon. Uh, yeah. We ate it.
  2. Then I had the most wonderful Caesar salad ever. Really. It wasn't your regular Caesar. There were tomatoes and hearts of palm and capers and it was all simply awesome. Hey, I can kind of stick to the diet thing.
  3. For an entree I ordered the succulent and perfectly cooked beef tenderloin with a side order of bleu cheese mashed potatoes. Yep, ate that too.
  4. Oh, yeah, I had two glasses of wine. Oops.
  5. Then, we went to another restaurant, and because I was so delirious I somehow ordered a piece of Tres Leches. I ate that too.
Ok, now I'm trying to convince myself it was all a dream and never really happened. The question is, can one day - nay, one evening - of indulgence lead to weight gain? How can that be? I refuse to believe it. I'll continue to refuse to believe it until Monday morning.


tiff said...

So, take the calories you figure you ate, divide by the number of days left to weigh-in, and cut that number out of your daily intake. It'll be like you never went out at all!

Oh, but leave the salad out of the equation. And the wine. A girl's gotta LIVE, you know?

No Celery Please said...

How to put this delicately?

Whether that evening will impact your weight on Monday is gonna have a lot to do with how fast your digestive tract can move it through to the completion phase.

and also.


Tres Lecheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss

db grin said...

Er, I know of which you speak. If I posted all the off-list things I've nommed, it would be a wall of shame.

Chocolate chip cookies never let me sneak by them. They have powers over me.

the only daughter said...

Culinary school student (former?) meet Vet tech student(?). heh.

I'll be xtra interested in how your results pan out as I have a similiar celebration planned for next Saturday.

utenzi said...

Congratultions on having such a tasty dream! Mmmm.

rennratt said...

I'm with Tiff. Simply adjust your intake for the next few days, and you should be fine.

Every day is a new day, right?