Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We're still a-shrinking!

Yo y'all!

There are still some shrinkers out there who are weighing in and doing the reportage of their progress.

Thus far this week there are numbers in from the following folks:

Biff Spiffy: a total loss of 18 pounds (51.4% to goal)

Rennratt: a total of 12 pounds (50% to goal)

Tiff: a total loss of 20 pounds (57.1% to goal)

That's 59 pounds gone across all piggies, 50 of which have been lost by the three folks above.

Now THAT is something to get excited about!


rennratt said...

Yaaay! We're back on track!

Sparky Duck said...

great job ya'all. The Tiff/Biff battle continues

Cravey said...

yay you guys!

Although I feel the need to remind that *that* photo is just sick and wrong.

Go piggies go!