Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I'm a resistor.

Traditionally, I've resisted Conventional Wisdom in lotsa regards, but especially when it comes to weight management. I once attended a conference and shared a room with a doctor. I asked him how to lose weight, hoping for some magic or pills or ancient Chinese secrets. His reply: "Sew your lips shut." Not what I wanted to hear.

Truth is, diet and exercise really do work. And on the diet part, a dose of reality goes a long way, especially in guaging portion sizes.

Here's a resource that might help with the food diary from the last post: Fitday is a free online fitness tracking service. I'm sure it does much more than I'd ever want it to, but the feature that has me excited is the food journal. You tell it what you ate, and it tallies the nutrition info from a vast database. It shows a pie chart (not sure if that's clever or mean) showing the proportion of fats, carbs, protiens, etc. Something not listed? You can add it. The cool part is that it remembers what you've entered, so your regular foods become available in a drop-down menu. Pretty neat, huh?

I've just signed up, and I'm thinking if I stick with it, I could start to see where my trouble spots are.

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DietFacts said...

Hey Biff. I wanted to let you know about my website, It works with FitDay to let you add custom food items with the press of a button. DietFacts has a lot of restaurant foods that you can't find elsewhere. I hope you find it useful!