Saturday, March 24, 2007

Week 10 Report

Cuz, well, we weighed in, didn't we?

The results, therefore, stand as follows:

Joe Schmoe: No change (10% to goal)
Biff Spiffy: -1 (51.4% to goal)
Tiff: -3 (37.1% to goal)
Schister: No change (14.3% to goal)
Renn: -3 (33.3% to goal)

Keep on keepin' on, y'all. We CAN do this. Get back on that there treadmill, or hit the jogging trail, or just get UP and walk around from time to time. All it takes is a little time, right?

Oh, and get your "happy" assignments in before you're marked with a tardy.

1 comment:

Cravey said...

Great job guys!
You all are doing great., and how can it possibly be on ly 96 days til fourth of July! I'm freaked out about that and I'm not on a deadline!

Way to go!
Keep on keeping on!